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About us


i-DOCS is a leading provider in the specialized market of Enterprise Output Management. It develops products and offers services designed for Financial Institutions, Telecom Operators, Utility, Insurance, Courier and other companies that handle communications driven by big volumes of sensitive data. Established in 2003, i-DOCS has offices in Greece and the United Kingdom.  


Our clients are highly regulated organizations that are  located in more than 7 countries and operate in EMEA. With them, we are advancing the power of mandatory, personalized communication. Our flagship Output Management product connects to core banking, billing, CRM, ERP information systems to extract, transform data, generate documents and store them efficiently in repositories. From statements, contracts to invoices, bills, receipts, our documents have a common trait. They all can satisfy the desires of the most demanding marketing departments. The output can be delivered in batches that are ready for mass printing, have marks to drive enveloping machines and facilitate the paper communication via post. But our products were developed to pave the way of the digital distribution channels by offering  personalized, on-demand documents and immediate secure omni channel communication.


Our platform is established as the reference system for the documents it produces. Our role is not limited to feeding or serving online banking or customer account portals. Our innovative solutions handle customer interactions, securely deliver electronic documents, send notifications and alerts, reduce churn rate through interactive customer service and  stabilize cash flow by facilitating the payment process.


As no client has the same requirements, the same systems or the same targets, we offer development and professional services to customize, integrate and fully automate every process we touch. Our products and services are provided for on-premises deployments as well as in the cloud with a software as a service model. We work together with the architects of our clients to end up with the most suitable design that is inline with the digital transformation plans, drives agility and operation efficiency, saves costs and supports emerging business models.

Technical Consultants, Application Engineers and Project Managers ensure that our platform is properly installed and configured. Our R&D department is involved in the product definition. The entire team is trained to implement mission critical projects.

Behind every great looking, personalized communication, there is a team that designed it and implemented it. There are invisible systems that endlessly work together to provide and distribute data. We are excited to be part of this. Acting with integrity and driven by our commitment to customers, our mission is to unleash the potential of every communication.

i-DOCS, SegmatiX, PostmatiX and all derivative Software are intellectual property of Ideal Group S.A. “i-DOCS”, “SegmatiX” and "PostmatiX" are registered trademarks.

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