i-DOCS is a suite of BSS (Business Support System) software modules designed for Financial Institutions and Telecom Operators. Our clients are major banks and mobile, landline, ISP providers that operate internationally and depend on our systems to ensure business continuity and handle large quantities of sensitive data in a secure environment.


i-DOCS automates various processes and flows and eliminates bottlenecks. This increases productivity, reduces delivery times, solves issues such as capacity, confidentiality, ad-hoc changes and more, thereby severely reducing manual processes. As i-DOCS is also client OS independent, it makes easy to implement too.


i-DOCS modules offer structured, on-demand and interactive communications with end-customers through multi-channel delivery options: customer support centers or other points of service, web-banking or other portal options, mobile, and for those who insist, paper documents via post.

i-DOCS adds value in the area of Customer Communications Management not only by enabling companies to significantly reduce operating costs, but by much more. It can provide opportunities for market growth with features like cross-selling and up-selling. It can reduce churn rate through a more interactive customer service (B2B or B2C). Or it can help stabilize your company’s cash flow by simply sending end-users an alert to pay. In short, i-DOCS will manage your invoicing and bank statement processes, electronic presentment and analysis, or set up loyalty and card management systems to meet all your transactional needs..

Technical Consultants, Application Consultants, and Project Managers see to it that our software is properly installed, configured and functionality activated for each of our clients. In addition, Our R&D department, involved in product definition, is directly measured by the success of each of our components. The entire team is trained to implement mission critical projects and have the necessary Telecom, Utility and Banking operations expertise.

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