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i-DOCS is ideally suited for the financial services sector in that it securely handles large volumes of structured documents (e.g. monthly customer statements) and interfaces easily with the core banking systems and the multichannel infrastructure of a bank.


In addition, it provides solutions, optimized for the banking sector, in particular, the following core functionalities:

Storage and retrieval

Statements are stored in a structured XML form for easy storage, retrieval and viewing in various formats and mediums, simultaneously facilitating the transformation thereof into multiple standard formats (HTTP, XBRL and CSV). The ability of i-DOCS to store and process XML messages in their native form, provides the speed and the reliability required by large banking institutions with heavy processing requirements under industrial production environment specs.


Easy administration

The mapping of the input documents onto XML schemas as well as the design of the output forms and the definition of the related workflows can be done by non-technical personnel with a minimum of training, using the tools provided in i-DOCS EE. In this way the bank can respond quickly to a frequently changing regulatory or business environment.


Intratemporal Data Consistency

As applications and data formats or even the documents themselves are changed over time, the document database continues to be consistent, searchable and the documents can be reproduced in their original form without data conversions or modifications of the viewing application.


Effective and efficient support of a bank's multichannel infrastructure

Since the documents are stored in a structured data form and not as digitized images, the requirements for storage space and network bandwidth are kept at a minimum. Thus it is feasible to transmit and have these documents be available, via remote access, in branches, on customer premises, in promotional kiosks etc, while preserving the selfsame form and content as the original paper documents. All this can be done using the pre-existing data network of the bank.


Individual Global Statement

Our use of XML technology allows us to easily assemble a single statement for each individual customer using input from several different core banking systems (e.g. savings accounts, loans, credit and cash cards, investment funds, insurance products etc). This results in substantial printing and processing cost reductions since less statements are produced, and a visible improvement in speed and reliability for the customer care specialists.


Security and Confidentiality

Τhe Role-Based Access workflow features and PKI functionality provided by i-DOCS EE guarantees the level of security and confidentiality required by a bank and its customers.


Customer Care (Phone, Branch, e-banking, Business Banking, Print House, mobile etc)

Quick and easy on-demand viewing and reprinting of the original statement greatly enhances response time and accuracy, thus improving the banks' image and enhancing productivity of the related services.



The banks' internal and external auditors can quickly and easily locate and access current and past documents and perform statistical analysis or other processing on these documents as required.


Compliance and legal service support

Locating specific customer statements ad hoc for example, per the legal authorities, can be time-consuming and costly. i-DOCS EE allows easy access, reproduction and even electronic transmission of such documents with minimum effort. The current practice of statement cut-and-paste in order to produce a complete customer statement to be admitted in a court of law as evidence, is yet one more case where i-DOCS functionality is indispensable.

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