Fault Report Handling shall mean detecting and remedying Incidents and/or providing workaround solutions in the supported System(s) upon a Customer’s reported request by virtue of a Fault Report.

Corrective Maintenance Service shall include delivery of Software Correction Packages aiming to provide solution to identified faults as part of the Corrective Maintenance Service. 

i-DOCS shall provide a Fault Report Answer (FRA) to Fault Reports sent by Customer in line with the severity level assigned to an Incident request and in compliance with the times specified in SLA in paragraph hereunder. The FRA shall contain the description of the resolution or a description of a Workaround to be implemented in order to achieve a solution or neutralize an adverse effect of the reported Incident.

Should a Fault Report Answer be sent that does not adequately address the main issue of the Fault Report, Customer has the right, within two (2) Working Days from the receipt of answer, to re-open the original Fault Report as long as the conditions of that report have not changed. The original date of Fault Report submission and level of priority are valid.

In cases where additional information is requested by i-DOCS in order to proceed with the investigation of the problem, then i-DOCS shall send a Fault Report Answer asking for additional information as a necessary procedure for the collection of the requested information that should be enclosed in the Fault Report Answer as well. Customer should send all the requested information at least two (2) Working Days from the receipt of the FRA. The time period for collecting the information beyond the two (2) working days specified in the previous sentence shall be excluded from the total lead-time of that Fault Report.

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