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Switching to electronic invoicing (or e-invoicing) reduces your carbon footprint and helps preserve the environment, reduces postage and other related costs and requires less storage space by virtue of being paperless.

Electronic invoicing offers great value in terms of ROI and cutting costs. Issuers of e-invoices can save up to 80% of costs it takes to create and distribute paper invoices, while e-invoice recipients save in terms of time, organization and storage.

E-invoicing offers a choice. For companies with customers who require hard-copies, documents can separated to be either delivered per post or electronically to subscribers. These digital copies of the original invoice are also recognized as legal replacements of their paper counterparts. In addition, the ability to personalize e-invoices more readily than paper invoices to adapt to a constantly changing market, can lead to new revenues and increase customer loyalty.

But is e-invoicing safe and secure? When you can't see the person you are communicating with, or don’t trust electronic systems not to mix up identities or can’t tell if the website you transact with is really the one it says it is, or don’t know if all backdoors to unauthorized access to your account have been shut, how can you be sure your e-invoice is really yours? 

i-DOCS e-Invoices complies with the relevant European Commission directives, which require safe and secure creation and permanent archiving of digital copies of invoices (including those that have an electronic signature) and secure processes to push e-invoices to recipients:

  • DIRECTIVE 2001/115/EC from 20 December 2001 amending Directive 77/388/EEC with a view to simplifying, modernising and harmonising the conditions laid down for invoicing with respect to value added tax

  • DIRECTIVE 1999/93/EC from 13 December 1999 regarding the community framework for electronic signatures


i-DOCS e-Invoices is the complete solution for the paperless management of outgoing and incoming invoices, and includes:

  • Automated e-invoice generation and personalization from integrated back office systems (ERP, Tax Machine, etc.)

  • Dispatching e-invoices via eMail as a PDF or as specially requested attachments (a.txt / b.txt), or alternatively with a link with secure authentication mechanisms

  • Notifications via email and/or SMS that payment is overdue or that e-invoices have now been issued - with extra real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities

  • Legal archiving (exact copies) of generated e-invoices, with multiple search and retrieval options via a web interface

  • Global repository for all outgoing and incoming e-invoices from any channel (eMail, FTP, fax, paper, etc.) sorted in an electronic customer folder

  • E-invoices web portal for users to search and retrieve past invoices

  • Innovative services for: account payments,  receivables reconciliation, dispute management, as well as, the relevant workflow capabilities

  • Secure protection for sensitive information (and of course your brand reputation), by using qualified digital certificates for both generated and archived e-invoices

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