July 15, 2007

EFG Eurolife implements i-DOCS to archive and present statements electronically

EFG Eurolife Insurance chooses i-DOCS e-Statements, integrated with core i-DOCS to archive and present various services and statements electronically, cutting costs and providing ease of use to its customers. The goal was to create personalized information for each customer, per service. As most of the customers own more than one service from the insurance company (car insurance, health insurance, investments insurance, etc.), the process of storing and retrieving hard copy information had become very complex and ineffective.

With i-DOCS e-Statements these processes became much smoother. i-DOCS manipulates raw data from the main databases and composes statements and letters, combined with advanced archiving technologies. From customer perspective, with a simple registration to the e-Statements portal, each one can access his/her personal web archive (per service) in order to retrieve and print, if needed, statements on-the-fly. With i-DOCS, Eurolife had a 35% reduction in IT support costs required to maintain file systems, 30% reduction in the volume of help desk calls and 20% increase in stop-paper requests by their clients.

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