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i-DOCS utilities solution is designed for companies who depend on our systems to ensure business continuity and to handle large quantities of sensitive data in a secure environment. It allows subscribers to receive and view their statements via a specialized portal or statements/bills can be automatically prepared as a hardcopy sent per post.

Bill preparation


i-DOCS open source architecture allows it to seamlessly integrate with existing core systems, like billing ECM and CRM, to retrieve data from various structured or unstructured data sources in its native form and transform them into XML using multiple data validation mechanisms.
But what really will make your bill stand out from the rest is i-DOCS unique capacity to individualize your bills.

  • Analyzing data to present them using graphics and statistics

  • Advertizing for cross and up-sell opportunities

  • Advising how to reduce consumption

  • Create different bills for consumers with old smart meters and another for those who have new smart meters

  • Informing customers about new products, investments or future intents that could affect their consumption costs



Central archiving


i-DOCS Archiver permanent storage is ideal for storing high volumes of large outgoing and incoming documents, like those that are personalized. Smart Archiver stores images separate to actual content thereby quelling the need for additional resources, yet retaining the ability to assemble outgoing documents fast to be available (also as a legal reprint) - upon your customer’s demand.
Security features include data file encryption, authorization to access, option for a legal digital signature, time stamp and an extensive auditing mechanism and related analytics. And because i-DOCS  Archiver is perhaps the only database-agnostic-system available, it allows businesses to integrate the Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) of their choice.



Interactive portal


The interactive end-user portal provides many features to enhance your customer’s experience. End-customers will be able to see both their historical and real-time transactions and statements at any time and from any place. The ability to personalize the bill will provide for greater transparency of what is being billed and why. Consumers will be able to analyze their consumption, do adhoc queries and visualize the results in a graph or chart or as statistics. They can inform themselves about your new tariffs or be prompted to switch tariffs on the spot.
The clear and transparent overview will make for easier dispute management and could stabilize cash flow by prompting consumers to pay their bills on time.



Multi-channel communication


PORTALS can provide cross- and upselling opportunities – especially if company has a multi-product offering. It can provide hyperlinks to micro-sites or allow users to buy optional products online. Registration services to restrict and monitor access can assure both the utility company and consumer alike that their data is in safe hands. An option to provide a digital signature is also available. 
PAPER bills, despite the move to be greener, are still in demand. i-DOCS can provide production printing streams incorporating enveloping and finishing features (such as sorting, grouping, reporting) to get your bills to the right consumer on time.
EMAIL gives companies the opportunity to personalize the body and can be used as a notification that the statement can now be viewed, provide links to the document or include it as an attachment or serve as an alert
SMS alerts and notifications via SMS may be critical for end-users, say for those who use a respirator, should there be a scheduled power outage for network maintenance.  Notifications can also be useful to notify the user of an abnormally high usage, so that steps can be taken to correct the situation. Perhaps you just want to remind your end-user to pay their bill on time or alert them to a new service you provide or an incentive to reduce consumption. Companies will find many applications for this indispensable tool.



One system for all your needs


Whether as an e-Bill or paper bill, the i-docs utilities solution can connect all your systems to produce one convergent bill that can be securely archived and accessed at any time by your back-office or sorted and grouped for the post office. The highly modular and well integrated solution allows you to deploy only what you need – and expand later for additional services.
Take advantage of offering subscribers a fully paperless solution with 24/7 access to your portal. Enable new revenue streams with cross and upsell opportunities and be able to finally provide transparency to utility bills for your end-customers with informative micro-sites and graphics to explain user consumption better.

i-DOCS is especially designed for industry’s needs. We offer a mature and proven system that has been in production over the last 15 years and installed in 8 countries.


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