February 20, 2022

i-DOCS New Year’s event 2022

i-DOCS – New Year’s event “Kopi tis Pitas ’22” @ Elatos

i-DOCS celebrating its successful course in 2021, organized this two-day “Kopi tis pitas ‘22” event. The event took place at the enchanting landscape of Elatos Resort & Health Club, within an authentic fir forest.


All company’s employees along with their families participated in an exciting experience, with many indoor and outdoor activities, such as

  • Hiking with a total length of 4km in a fir forest,
  • Archery,
  • Climbing trees,
  • Treasure hunt with compasses,

in a total 1½km route and many more board games.
This event bonded even more i-DOCS team members and gave all of us, the opportunity to break free and recharge our batteries for an even better 2022.

We would like to thank all i-DOCS employees for participating to this unique event and for being such hard-working & loyal team members. We believe that together we can lead our company to greater success.

Many thanks to Armonia-ZEN for organizing such a great event, that we will always remember.

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