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End of Life announcement for i-DOCS Output Management

versions 5 and 6


The major version numbers 5 and 6 of the i-DOCS Output Management platform are reaching the End of Life. For version 5 this is scheduled for 31/12/2020. For version 6, this is scheduled for 31/12/2021. Customers are encouraged to complete the upgrade of their production systems as soon as possible and in any case before the End of Support. Support services are given for one year after the end of life date. The existing functionality has been integrated into newer versions. Product notifications related to their lifecycle are provided in advance to existing customers and partners.

Upgrade Options

Customers using any 5.x or 6.x version are encouraged to upgrade to version 8.0 or later. Version 5.0 was released in 2010, version 6.0 in 2013 and version 7.0 in 2016. The latest production ready version is 8.0. It was released in 2020 in two editions: The enterprise edition aimed for organisations that adhere to the traditional deployment model and the cloud native edition which exploits the advantages of the cloud computing model. The latter is the recommended edition for organisations that operate a private cloud which supports orchestration of containerised applications or have transitioned at least to a hybrid cloud environment. Please contact your Account Manager or Technical Coordinator for more information about transitioning to a newer version. This End of Product life announcement does not impact any customers who use i-DOCS OM with major version number 7..

End of Life

i-DOCS products have generous lifecycle policies that allow customers to enjoy many years of support. Customers whose platforms have reached End of Life and who are currently under maintenance contracts will be able to

  • Get technical support by raising issues using the designated support system.

  • Order change requests that require configuration only changes

  • Receive security fixes


End of Support

For deployments on versions that have reached the End of Support date, i-DOCS will not provide technical support or any type of fixes or changes. In exceptional cases, support will be provided on a best-effort basis for 3 months after the end of support date.

Why end i-DOCS OM version 5 support

i-DOCS is committed to delivering customised deployments, change requests, improvements and bug fixes in a planned, timely and secure manner. We are also committed to providing premium support for all our platforms. The IT landscape, the software components and the frameworks that we rely on are constantly changing. New versions are released, old versions are deprecated and security weaknesses or vulnerabilities are found. The cost of supporting outdated platforms grows exponentially with time and makes it hard or in certain cases impossible to provide the level of support our customers expect from us. Platforms marked as end of support have known limitations and we strongly recommend to stop using such versions.