February 15, 2009

i-DOCS provides e-invoices to Globul (Cosmo Bulgaria)
Globul (member of Cosmote Group) chose i-DOCS in order to offer electronic invoicing and time stamping services to its subscribers. This specific procedure allows to stop the issuing – generating of paper invoices for all subscribers that register to the e-invoicing service (paperless subscribers). The paper invoice is replaced with a digital invoice (e-invoice) that includes digital signing using advanced digital certificate and time stamping; both based on the Bulgaria tax regulations. The service is available to all subscribers of Globul’s corporate portal ( Implementing the e-invoices solution, Globul offers an innovative service to its subscribers allowing them to have a legally valid digital folder of all invoices (which are exactly the same as the old fashion paper invoices) and at the same time the company enjoys an immediate Cost Saving of postage costs. For more information please contact
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