November 4, 2010

i-DOCS Strengthens Relationships with CRM Vendors and Enlightens Delegates at CRM Expo

At this year’s CRM Expo event in Nürnberg on 12-13 October, the leading trade show for CRM in Europe, participants had a unique advantage. For many organizations, the traditional approach is to visit numerous IT events to learn about products such as CRM, workflow, database, CCM and other software in order to harmonize the different software that make up their enterprise landscape. This can lead to frustration and wasted hours traveling.

i-DOCS customer communication software sought out a more non-traditional approach by exhibiting using this brand new formula: CCM + CRM = TCM (Total Customer Management). How better to illustrate how seamlessly i-DOCS really does integrate with CRM systems and the positive synergies i-DOCS has with its CRM partners. i-DOCS experts both enlightened and impressed passing CxO, IT and other corporation decision makers, who showed a keen interest in the extra functionalities i-DOCS had to offer and how it could maximize their customer communications with definitive results.

i-DOCS’ strength lies in the ability to access virtually any software which accumulates data, like CRM systems, and be able to convert it to easily reuse in various ways to communicate effectively with end-users through multiple channels on paper or digitally.

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