April 30, 2024

Mapping Success: Visualizing i-DOCS Accomplishments in 2023

i-DOCS, an IDEAL Holdings Business Unit, sustained its expansion by delivering projects for clients across five distinct countries, including Greece. Once more, i-DOCS was selected by major enterprises in the banking (3 out of 4), telecommunications (2 out of 3) and utilities (4 out of 7) sectors as the top CCM Software partner for their digital transformation initiatives. 

The company has been expanding its cloud-based solutions provided to customers, by adding the PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) option among the existing on-premises (since 2003) and SaaS (since 2017) options, respectively.  

Platform as a Service offers  

  • Simplified development and deployment
  • Increased team productivity with streamlined operations and
  • Flexibility without infrastructure worries

Software as a Service provides  

  • Access to software anytime, anywhere, without the hassle of installations or maintenance
  • Innovation with intuitive interfaces

On-Premises solutions allow organizations to 

  • Keep data close for security and compliance
  • Retain control with on-site deployment
  • Blend traditional infrastructure with modern capabilities and
  • Leverage the latest technology within their premises


i-DOCS offers solutions that can significantly reduce operational costs by up to 90%, enable personalized communication with customers, manage large volumes of documents efficiently, integrate seamlessly with diverse digital channels, and integrate with practically any organizational Enterprise application, including CRM, billing, BRM, BPM and many more. 

These solutions are versatile and applicable across various business sectors, addressing a wide range of business use cases while also promoting environmental conservation and energy efficiency. 

In 2023, i-DOCS customers generated over 251 million PDFs through the use of their i-DOCS Software applications. Furthermore, the company received two silver awards during the Digital Finance Awards ceremony. These awards were in recognition of their achievements in the categories of Best Green/ESG Initiative or Product and Best Digital Transformation Initiative. 

It’s noteworthy that i-DOCS boasts a diverse team composition, with 45% women and 55% men. Last – but not least – remote working accounts for approximately 70% of the team’s operations. 


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