April 29, 2022

i-DOCS – Increased turnover, Human capacity, Customer base, in 2021

i-DOCS, the Software Development unit of IDEAL Holdings, closed FY2021, by achieving a 20% turnover increase, along with a relevant increase in profitability. During 2021, i-DOCS delivered 53 projects to Enterprise-level customers within Banking and Telecommunications Industry, as well as in the field of Energy. At this point, it is worth noting, that almost half of i-DOCS Customers are included in Forbes TOP 100 Greek companies list, while at the same time all i-DOCS Customers are located in 7 countries within the Southeastern and Western Europe, including Greece and Cyprus. Furthermore, last year i-DOCS managed to expand its customer base by more than 12%.

Its human capacity was almost doubled, not only due to the increased project needs that were delivered last year (some of which are still in progress) but also due to the investments in the development of new products and the strengthening of i-DOCS Commercial activities, towards multiple countries within EMEA. i-DOCS Software Solutions are available for both on-premise implementation as well as in the Cloud as SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), covering all customer needs. It is worth mentioning, that currently 20% of i-DOCS installed solutions are provided as SaaS and this percentage is constantly growing at a remarkable rate.

i-DOCS is the leading provider of specialized solutions and services in the area of Customer Communications Management (or Output Management) and includes a wide solutions portfolio, providing high-quality level of Digital Transformation, applicable in all Industries. i-DOCS is a Software house which develops products since 2003, while also provides services that handle large volumes of sensitive data, automate business processes, provide multi-channel communications, serve, store and archive data and documents. The most important advantage of i-DOCS solutions against our competitors, is that although there is a wide range of products in           i-DOCS portfolio with many features that are constantly being enriched with new functionalities, our design and development teams are capable to implement any custom requirement, requested by our customers, so that the outcome matches 100% their own business needs.​

“The fact that most of our Customers who have been using i-DOCS for almost 2 decades still trust both our Company and our Software solutions, automatically proves the quality of our offered Products and Services. Within this perspective, in order to thank our Customers and show them that their trust is reflected, we make sure that our Products remain State-of-the-Art in terms of Business and Technical functionalities while keeping our competitive pricing for both on-premise and SaaS deployments and by introducing new Software solutions, aiming to provide exceptional service to the Consumers”, stated Mr. Constantinos Pretenteris, i-DOCS General Manager.

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