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May 04, 2023
Financial and Technological growth for i-DOCS, in 2022

i-DOCS, IDEAL Holdings Software Development activity, continued its growth in 2022. The year closed FY2022 with a further 16% increase in turnover (comparing to 2021) along with a respective increase in profitability.


i-DOCS successfully completed 69 major projects for customers operating in Greece and 7 other countries. 

During 2022, more than 270 million PDFs were produced through our customers’ i-DOCS platforms, saving 33 thousand trees for paper production.

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February 22, 2023
Silver Double-Award for i-DOCS @ Digital Finance Awards

i-DOCS (IDEAL Holdings Business Unit) participated in the Digital Finance Awards 2023 on February 22, where innovative projects during the wider Financial Sector towards Digital Transformation, Digital Banking and Digital Insurance are presented.  


i-DOCS - nominated with its flagship solution - that is, i-DOCS Customer Communication Management, won two (2) Silver awards in the respective categories:

  • Best Green/ESG Initiative or product &  

  • Best Digital Transformation Initiative 

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February 17-18, 2023
i-DOCS New Year's event 2023

i-DOCS kickstarted New Year with an unforgettable and funny weekend!

i-DOCS successfully organized a two-day event on February 17th and 18th in Mystra, Laconia to celebrate one more successful year (2022) and welcome 2023.

All i-DOCS employees along with their families, enjoyed and participated in an exciting experience with indoor and outdoor activities, with the respective awards!

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December 16, 2022
ISO9001 Certification for i-DOCS GR

Following our Strategy regarding 𝗶-𝗗𝗢𝗖𝗦 certifications, we are proud to announce that our Quality Management System is certified to meet the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard.


The internationally recognized ISO 9001:2015 for a Quality Management System that is currently established in our Organization, proves that i-DOCS keeps on following the basis of a certification path (deployed back in 2021) that optimizes our internal processes and those with our Customers.

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April 29, 2022
Increased turnover, Human capacity, Customer base, in 2021

i-DOCS, the Software Development unit of IDEAL Holdings, closed FY2021, by achieving a 20% turnover increase, along with a relevant increase in profitability. During 2021, i-DOCS delivered 53 projects to Enterprise-level customers within Banking and Telecommunications Industry, as well as in the field of Energy.


It is worth noting, that almost half of i-DOCS Customers are included in Forbes TOP 100 Greek companies list, while at the same time all i-DOCS Customers are located in 7 countries within the Southeastern and Western Europe, including Greece and Cyprus. Furthermore, last year i-DOCS managed to expand its customer base by more than 12%.


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February 19-20, 2022
i-DOCS New Year's event 2022

i-DOCS celebrating its successful course in 2021, organized this two-day “Kopi tis pitas ‘22” event. The event took place at the enchanting landscape of Elatos Resort & Health Club, within an authentic fir forest.

This event bonded even more i-DOCS team members and gave all of us, the opportunity to break free and recharge our batteries for an even better 2022.


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November 2, 2021
ISO27001 Certification for i-DOCS GR & i-DOCS UK

i-DOCS, is proud to announce that our Information Security Management System (ISMS) is certified to meet the requirements of the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard.


It should be noted that both our Greek Headquarters and UK branch, received the aforementioned certification. ISO27001 certification was one of the most important targets, set by the new Management, earlier this year.


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October 8, 2021
i-DOCS Output Management EoL / EoS announcement

We love all our products, but sometimes we must say goodbye to a release, so that we can continue moving forward on future development and innovation. Our End-of-Life / End-of-Support policy, defines how long a given release is considered supported (EoS), as well as how long a release is considered still in active development or maintenance (EoL).


It should be noted that the present announcement replaces all previous EoL / EoS announcements and related policies.


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November 28, 2018
Eurobank chooses PostmatiX cloud software for dispatching email notifications

Banking institutions face the daily challenge of running mass email campaigns solutions that are effective, timely and secure. Eurobank in Greece opted for i-DOCS PostmatiX Cloud software in order to send email notifications to their clients.

i-DOCS PostmatiX allows to dispatch up to 1.000.000 messages per day, collect and analyze email data, view real-time statistics and track email notifications results via a user-friendly and configurable Dashboard. Furthermore, i-DOCS PostmatiX automated processes reduce manually-driven operations, as it is compatible with most common systems used by large businesses such as banks and telecommunications companies.

To find out more about i-DOCS PostmatiX, click here.

October 08, 2018
Website update: Did you know about i-DOCS professional services?

Did you know that i-DOCS, apart from state-of-the-art software applications, offers a wide range of professional services too? We wanted to make sure that you know all about our services, so we have added a new section on our website (services), where you can find a summary of our most common i-DOCS professional services offerings. In case you need to find out more, feel free to contact us.

September 19, 2018
Vivacom upgraded systems to i-DOCS OM v.7 and achieves better performances

Vivacom, a leading Telecommunications operator in Bulgaria, recently upgraded their i-DOCS Output Management software platform to v. 7. After the successful upgrade, Mr. Canko Ivanov, Project Manager for Vivacom, stated:

“It is a pleasure for to me to share the results after the first mass load in Production of the upgraded i-DOCS. The upgraded system performs up to 4.8 times faster in some functionalities. Thank you very much [i-DOCS] for your efforts and cooperation and looking forward working on another successful project together.”

June 25, 2018
Wind Launches HTML Bill solution by i-DOCS

Wind Telecommunications recently launched a brand new service for its subscribers, the HTML Bill, in order for customers to be able to easily access their telecommunications bill directly from their mobile devices. This way customers save both time and effort when trying to access and pay their last bill without needing to log in to their account or download PDF files.

How it works: the subscribers receive an SMS notification on their mobile upon bill issuance. This SMS contains a secure link that leads to their bill which is presented in HTML format instead of the usual PDF. The new bill format is responsive and can be nicely displayed on smartphones without the need to zoom in/out. The new bill is easy to navigate, bill sections can be expanded or collapsed, and functionalities such as a button for fast payment or last bill download are added.

This way customer experience is optimized, as bill viewing and payment is faster and easier than ever before!

January 29, 2018
Alpha Bank renews its cooperation with i-DOCS for one more year

Alpha Bank, proving its long-lasting trust in the quality of services offered by i-DOCS, decided to renew the existing cooperation for one additional year. The bank’s goal to optimize customer experience through i-DOCs platform was met with success, and the two parties will keep working together in order to constantly improve the offered services. Alpha Bank has been using i-DOCs Output Management since 2011, along with the Alerts service (2013) and SegmatiX.

August 09, 2017
Protergia now offers its clients a smart way of managing their electricity consumption through i-DOCS!

Protergia, the largest independent electricity producer in Greece (part of Mytilineos Group of Companies), implemented the i-DOCS Output Management software in order to handle its customer usage data and bills more effectively. Protergia, through the automated data processing offered by i-DOCS, is now able to communicate bills and  usage statistics to its customers through its electronic platform (myProtergia) and physical bills at minimum time, preventing errors and process failures.

June 04, 2017
i-DOCS Output Management implemented at UBB

KBC Group, following the long-lasting cooperation between i-DOCS and the National Bank of Greece, trusted in i-DOCS Output Management solution in order to handle the large volumes of documents of their daily business at United Bulgarian Bank. UBB is the third largest bank in Bulgaria and member of the Belgian banking and insurance group KBC since 2017.

February 28, 2017
i-DOCS launches new strategic partnership with Ericsson Indonesia

Following Ericsson's long-lasting cooperation with i-DOCS in Europe, a new strategic partnership between the two organizations is now launched for the Asia Pacific territory as well. Ericsson and i-DOCS will work closely together on multiple levels in order to serve the business purposes of large telecommunications and other corporations in Indonesia. The first joint project is already scheduled, and more are expected to follow soon.

May 31, 2016
Output Management with Web-Personalizer goes live @ Cyta Hellas

Cyta Hellas needed a complete end-to-end invoicing solution from the generation of invoices to fast and accurate printing and enveloping processes. Flexibility was an absolute prerequisite. The system needed to be able to incorporate ad hoc changes and adapt to any business driver. Cyta selected First Data Hellas, the market leader in Greece for providing data manipulation and printing/enveloping services and i-DOCS, whose complementary innovative services helped realize their goal. Cyta’s Output Management implementation is using Web Personalizer module, for incorporating tailor-made personalized Marketing and Informative messages to end-customers invoices.

March 20, 2016
Announcement of the Release of i-DOCS v. 7

The i-DOCS team are pleased to announce the official release of i-DOCS v. 7. Following its continuous improvements, i-DOCS has had many of its components reworked and new features added. The latest release contains substantial enhancements for performance and compatibility with the latest versions of other operating systems and RDBMSs.

The major change on version 7 is that it is based on the latest JDK 8, Tomcat version 8 (instead of previously used Jboss) and the latest libraries and tools for exporting documents, application logging etc. It is compliant with Redhat 7 / CentOS 7 , Microsoft Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2016.


Benefits of upgrading to v. 7:

  • ​Upgrade to the latest JDK 8

  • Switch from the outdated JBoss application server to Tomcat v8

  • Redesigned monitoring tool

  • Improved scalability, job and task scheduling

  • Support for Oracle 12 database

February 11, 2015
SegmatiX and PostmatiX go live @Vivacom Bulgaria

Vivacom, a leading telecommunications provider in Bulgaria, recently launched new services for its subscribers, including a new website (Vivabill) and electronic statements. For the implementation of these projects, additionally to the existing i-DOCs Output Management software, Vivacom also used i-DOCS SegmatiX and PostmatiX modules in order to achieve better personalized communications, collect and analyze data and  maximize efficiency.

January 04, 2014
Reports Management @ Bank of Cyprus goes live

Bank of Cyprus (BoC) extended the centralized i-DOCS Solution into Greece’s banking operations to process and manage all internal close-of-day reports of the subsidiary bank. Like in Cyprus deployment, i-DOCS integrated with Oracle WebCenter Content and Oracle WebLogic application server resulting in great system flexibility, advanced processing capabilities and efficient legal archiving.

The integrated solution is an advanced reports management system that serves both auditors and personnel of the bank with accurate, timely and easy to access information – the system transforms, creates and archives documents from multiple sources and distributes them to their recipients based on their permission access rights. Important functionalities introduced for BoC’s operational/close-of-day reports were the commenting and annotating capabilities per report in total or per line of each report, workflow processes with multiple level approval capabilities, advanced notification features and historical version archives to serve legal purposes. By using i-DOCS Reports Management solution, BoC saved huge amount of time from their branch managers, legal dept. and other authorized executives that needed to daily review, annotate, sign-off, etc. all close-of-day reports. Within the next years BoC will gradually serve all subsidiaries’ operations in centralized implementation mode to achieve great economies of scale.

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October 02, 2013
Carrefour selected i-DOCS PIC & Automated Marketing platform to run electronic catalogue campaigns

Carrefour Marinopoulos, the leading retail brand, selected i-DOCS Personalized Interactive Communications & Automated Marketing platform, to enhance its loyalty programs and run electronic catalogue campaigns with shopping list function to attract customers' attention and measure recipient's readability and reaction, via an innovative communication method that engages customers and fully exploits modern technology's vast capabilities. In this way Carrefour has the ability to easily collect clear information about the effectiveness and responsiveness of their catalogues.

Results and feedback were straightforward, even after the very first campaign run; customers embraced the new e-catalogue with enthusiasm and added thousands of products in their shopping lists that offered Carrefour marketers more options and data to “play with" to achieve campaign management optimization and customer engagement.

July 04, 2013
Alpha Bank Greece implemented i-DOCS Alerts System

Alpha Bank in Greece, following its strategic initiatives for constant improvement and multi-channel customer communications, implemented i-DOCS Alerts System, offering great Customer Experience and Service via a cutting edge technological solution.The scope of the project was to implement and deploy a system which would allow central management of all customer communications and notification-type messages triggered from various product and customer systems either automatically or manually driven. These notifications would be used towards end-customers to satisfy multichannel delivery and utilization of various touch-points at Alpha Bank’s will.

Alpha Bank implemented i-DOCS sophisticated system fully addressing its requirements for dynamic Alerts & Notifications to cover various needs and business drivers: information purposes, fraud prevention, customer service reasons, and other reasons such as monitoring and billing. With i-DOCS Alerts & Notifications System, end-customers enjoy services that truly offer value and improve their daily operations while the bank employs a communication strategy that not only brings it closer to the customers (increasing retention and making customer service even better) but also satisfies various business drivers related to security, credit control, marketing and multichannel communication.

March 30, 2013
Alpcot utilizes i-DOCS PIC to offer a virtual Stock Exchange game application

Alpcot, one of the most well-known Capital Management companies focused in Eastern Europe, utilizes i-DOCS PIC for residents of Sweden to offer them a virtual Stock Exchange application. It is a business contest through which participants have the opportunity to win rewards in cash and the organizer to engage the competitors and increase its customer base via Automated Marketing functions.

The outcome is an addictive Business Game, a Virtual Stock Exchange Market ( where participants can invest in stocks like in the real world. They start with a virtual portfolio and can change it during opening hours of the real Stock Exchange Market. They can choose among a predefined list of stocks as well as the dispersion of their portfolio. Stock prices are updated in real time through Web Services from the official Stock Exchange.

January 24, 2013
Eurobank utilizes i-DOCS SMART PIN Delivery to revolutionize the way card PINs are dispatched

Eurobank EFG chose “i-DOCS SMART PIN Delivery” patented product, to change the way of dispatching credit and debit card PINs to the end customers, abolishing the expensive and insecure traditional PIN mailer letter, gaining significant cost savings, uplisting security and improving customer experience while boosting its innovative and eco-friendly company image.

By introducing i-DOCS SMART PIN Delivery, the PIN is no longer sent to the cardholder via postal services in a separated process, but instead an “obfuscated” PIN, which the cardholder can easily “decode”, is transmitted via alternative channels (Europhone banking or ATM) or provided by an Agent (in the telephone or branch). Without any doubt, i-DOCS with SMART PIN Delivery transforms PIN creation and dispatching process to a paperless, secure, innovative and fast procedure.

August 01, 2012
Output Management & e-statements @ National Bank of Greece (NBG)

NBG (National Bank of Greece) has selected i-DOCS Output Management for its Eastern Europe Division subsidiaries.

NBG SEE IT selected i-DOCS as the strategic partner for its core "Printing Statements Application" to serve multiple subsidiaries via a centralized implementation, adapted to complexities and requirements per country, printing house as well as branches,· and at the same time to support built-in-abilities for electronic content generation and e-delivery. Implementations include Banka Romanaesca (NBG Romania), Vodjvodjanska Banka (NBG Serbia), UBB (NBG Bulgaroia) and NBG Cyprus, with other countries to be added soon.

June 26, 2012
Hybrid Post @ PTK goes live

i-DOCS is now integrated with Docubase, the flagship product of Tessi group. Docubase includes a lot of features of a scaled document repository well know in the european and not only market. Customers of i-DOCS have the option either to select the usage of i-DOCS DocRep or the fully integrated DocuBase that could offer them the bellow additional benefits:

  • Dossier Management (static or Dynamic) with hierarchical approach   

  • Unified Document viewer allowing customers to see all the documents in a unified viewer with the abilities to add comments, stamps, underlines etc)   

  • Ability to track all the actions per document

  • Version Management and the ability to compare versions   

  • Workflow management (design of different workflows) and lists of tasks (corbeilles)   

  • Ability to create a copy of the files in "independent mode" including a search tool

  • Mass modification of Document's metadata

  • Support of fully legal "Coffre Electronic" where all documents are signed in the data files)

  • Various ways of uploading documents (Filesystem, fat client, webdav, word plugin, virtual printer)

Feel free to contact us for a detailed, integrated demo.

June 10, 2012
i-DOCS & Tessi Group - a new partnership is born!

i-DOCS is now integrated with Docubase, the flagship product of Tessi group. Docubase includes a lot of features of a scaled document repository well know in the European and not only market. Customers of i-DOCS have the option either to select the usage of i-DOCS DocRep or the fully integrated DocuBase that could offer them the bellow additional benefits:

Dossier Management (static or Dynamic) with hierarchical approach   

  • Unified Document viewer allowing customers to see all the documents in a unified viewer with the abilities to add comments, stamps, underlines etc)   

  • Ability to track all the actions per document

  • Version Management and the ability to compare versions   

  • Workflow management (design of different workflows) and lists of tasks (corbeilles)   

  • Ability to create a copy of the files in "independent mode" including a search tool

  • Mass modification of Document's metadata

  • Support of fully legal "Coffre Electronic" where all documents are signed in the data files)

  • Various ways of uploading documents (Filesystem, fat client, webdav, word plugin, virtual printer)


Feel free to contact us for a detailed, integrated demo.

January 08, 2012
i-DOCS Front Desk Output Management on-demand at BCP Bank Morocco

Banque Populaire of Morocco selected to implement i-DOCS state of the art product PIC (Personalized Interactive Communication) to achieve great cost savings and time-to-market through easy processes for creation and editing bank receipts managed by non IT/Technical resources.

The main scope was to implement and deploy a complete end-to-end solution to cover client’s needs at Banque Populaire’s branches, for composing, printing and archiving transactions of their retail and business customers. These documents refer to 15 different types of transactions that are currently conducted in the bank. The information system of the bank consists of internally developed and market proprietary solutions. In this sense, there was a need for flexible integration of the solution with the bank’s information systems.

i-DOCS implemented the state of the art product PIC (Personalized Interactive Communication) at Banque Populaire offering the bank the capability to design and compose all transaction templates in scope without the need to utilize neither IT/Technical resources nor dedicated staff. The solution facilitates design of the templates with easy desktop access and user friendly ergonomics. In addition, PIC offers the flexibility to create and add many more templates and also delete or modify already existing templates as a self-service solution.

October 31, 2011
Printec Day 2011 (New Challenges in CCM)

i-DOCS presents the “New Challenges in CCM: Enrich Customer Experience While Saving Costs” at Printec Day event that will be held on Tuesday November 29th, 2011, at Premier Palace Hotel, Kiev – Ukraine. This is an executive briefing of Advanced Solutions for the Financial Services Institutions that takes place in the bounds of recent acquisition of CardPay Systems by Printec, a major partner of i-DOCS in SEE area.

October 26, 2011
i-DOCS at 16th ICCI 2011 (New Challenges in Customer Communications)

i-DOCS presented the “New Challenges in Customer Communications” at the 16th ICCI  in Ohrid, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia on October 13 - 14, 2011, invited by partner company KIBS Clearing Interbank System ad Skopje.

ICCI (International Conference of Clearing Institutions in Central and Eastern Europe) is a conference of the development and trends concerning European payment systems, with an emphasis on clearing operations. Although at first it was primarily aimed at the countries of the region (Central and Eastern Europe), the conference now attracts visitors from other countries as well due to the process of European integration and regulations creating a unique market (SEPA). ICCI is organized once a year by the members of the ICCI Club composed of representatives from the Central and Eastern European clearing systems.

i-DOCS solutions and products in the context of electronic and personalized communication, that were presented during the conference, outlined the key topics Financial Institutions should address when building their CCM strategy and also emphasized on i-DOCS experience and knowhow in the area of Customer Experience enrichment.

August 31, 2011
Oracle Day 2011 in Nicosia/Cyprus

i-DOCS joins forces with NewCytech and will be present at Oracle Day 2011, October 25th 2011 in Nicosia/Cyprus, the most essential 1-day business and technology event of the year. Oracle and Industry Experts deliver a powerful combination of C-Level, functional and technology tracks around innovation, success stories, best practices on Technology, Applications, Industry and Systems Solutions. Attending Oracle Day is the most cost-effective and efficient way to stay ahead of the technology curve.

August 08, 2011
i-DOCS helps banks get aligned with MiFID

i-DOCS offers Banks, Investment Companies, Securities, etc. the ability to fully align with EU's MiFID that requires companies to communicate investment information to their clients.

The flexibility of the software allows for any type of communication method and channel - so that investors can either get their daily informative statements by paper (using prepared ready to print format for in house printing or sent to the printing house), via email or via an e-statements portal.

July 05, 2011
Partner News: i-DOCS partnering with Printec and Seavus

i-DOCS has engaged its business development efforts in the European area with 2 leading System Integrator and technologically advanced companies, Printec and Seavus. Both companies include i-DOCS solutions and products in their wide portfolio to expand their business in the area of CCM.


Printec Group is a leading Transaction Automation Solutions provider and a major Systems Integrator in SE Europe. The group, who has been active in the Financial Services sector for more than 20 years, implements, delivers and supports technology solutions in the areas of ATM networks & banking, branch automation, POS networks, e-Payments and more. Since its inception, Printec has offered a wide variety of specialized solutions for Financial Institutions, petroleum companies, large retailers, government agencies and other organizations in the public and private sectors. The company operates with subsidiaries in: Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, F.Y.R.O.M, Greece, Kosovo, Moldova, Romania, Serbia & Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine.


Seavus, the software consulting and development company was founded in 1999 in Malmoe, Sweden. The company is inspired by customer-driven developments and deploys state-of-the-art technologies providing high quality services in Financial Institutions, Telecom operators, Utilities and other organizations in the public and private sectors. With offices in 7 countries and staff of over 500 people Seavus is dedicated to providing clients with premium services and products and its satisfied customers everywhere, prove that their near shore concept is clearly an added value.

June 29, 2011
i-DOCS nominated for Oracle FMW Innovation Award

i-DOCS is nominated for the Oracle Fusion Middleware Innovation Awards 2011 in the category Enterprise 2.0 (Portals, Content and Collaboration) as a result of the cutting edge solution implemented at a multinational banking organization integrated with Oracle Universal Content Management and WebLogic Server.

The main innovations and drivers for this nomination are the advanced technological features of i-DOCS, the smooth and zero-impact integration with multiple existing systems with simultaneous replacement of outdated ones, the built-in abilities for electronic content generation and e-delivery and the high volume scalability. All these and many more allowed the bank to leverage on the joint i-DOCS/Oracle value proposition and achieve great reductions in document and customer communication management costs, increase of customer satisfaction, decrease in change management costs and utilization of an all-in-one CCM application to shape its dynamically changing CCM strategy.

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April 03, 2011
i-DOCS invited at Energy Strategy Circle 2011

i-DOCS is invited to participate at the Strategy Circle Energy event at Schloss Hohenkammer on May 4-5, 2011.

One system for all your needs! Whether an e-Bill or paper bill, the i-DOCS utilities solutions can connect all your systems to produce one convergent bill that can be securely archived and accessed at any time by your back-office or sorted and grouped for the post office. The highly modular and well integrated solution allows you to deploy only what you need – and expand later for additional services.

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March 02, 2011
i-DOCS 5 to be presented at Corporate Output Conference 2011

Maximize Customer Communications with i-DOCS 5 at the Corporate Output Management Conference.

Learn how to maximize your customer communications with i-DOCS 5 at the 5th annual Corporate Output Management conference at the Hilton Cologne on 4 & 5 April, 2011. Sign up online to hear how top experts and strategists from the telecom, financial, insurance and utilities fields have significantly cut costs and streamlined processes by embracing new electronic channels.

February 28, 2011
Business Development Managers Arm Themselves with New Strategies at GSMA

50,000 attendees dispelled the notion of a gloomy economy by turning up in droves at the GSMA Mobile World Congress at Fira Barcelona this February. Savvy business development managers know what value a sneak peek at innovative new applications and back-end solutions that could generate new revenue streams can provide.  The new i-DOCS 5 Customer Communications Management platform was one not to be missed.

​i-DOCS 5 successfully demonstrated important initiatives benefiting the industry as was evidenced by the many onlookers crowding the i-DOCS stand. Initiatives such as:

  • ​Generating new revenue streams using i-DOCS Interactive Documents.   

  • Generating cross- and up-sell opportunities with i-DOCS individualization options   

  • Transforming businesses green: with i-docs paperless Electronic Bill Presentment solution   

  • Opening up mobile communication channels with subscribers:  portals, eMail, SMS, IVR…   

Visit us next year at the GSMA event in Barcelona -if you can afford to wait that long…

or contact us today at to find out how we can help grow your business.

February 06, 2011
i-DOCS at Documation Paris 2011

See Firsthand how to Enhance Customer Experience with i-DOCS 5 at the Paris Documation Show.

See the demo that will show you how to leave your competition behind. Come to stand G19 at the Documation trade show at the Paris CNIT center on 23-24 March, 2011 to see i-DOCS 5, the modular, fully integrated and cloud-enabled Communication Management solution for yourself.

January 02, 2011
i-DOCS Unique PIN Delivery Approach Found Keen Interest at Cartes and IDentification Event in Paris

The growing trend to be green is evidenced by the explosive growth in the digital and contactless payment industry and confirmed by the 20,000 event goers at this year’s Cartes and IDentification event in Paris. This trend, however, has sparked the subsequent need to resolve issues concerning digital security.

Solutions need to remain uncomplicated to use, yet provide the highest degree of security available. i-DOCS unique PIN delivery approach allows users to do just that. Users now have the choice to receive their PIN electronically via SMS or IVR without compromising security. Users can trigger delivery themselves at any time and decrypt the code needed to complete their PIN by adding their own secret code to the one provided. The advantages to businesses that need to provide PINs to their end-users are clear: less paper and postage will help save the environment and will cut down on operating costs. Furthermore, shareholders will be pleased with the quick return on investment of PIN delivery, whether as an on-site software or as a service (SAAS).

​Decide to improve your customer relationships today by providing them with this secure, yet fun and easy to use approach to PIN delivery. Give them the choice to go green and the choice of when, where and by which method they would like to receive their pin and witness the marked increase in your customer satisfaction ratings.


To find out more about PIN delivery, click here.

December 14, 2010
Banca Romaneasca chose i-DOCS for the automation of statements processing and production printing flows

Banca Romaneasca (BROM), a member of National Bank of Greece (NBG), chose i-DOCS to grow their business and automate statements processing and production printing flows, utilizing the centralized implementation in NBG Athens Data Center achieving great economies of scale. The scope of the project was the selection of a “Printing Statements Application” that would be implemented in parallel to the Core Banking System selected by NBG for SEE subsidiaries (Temenos T24). The new system should be able to handle large amounts of transactions accurately and compliant with NBG standards and local regulations related to Customer Communications.

i-DOCS Output Management solution offered to Banca Romaneasca great abilities to easily manage their diverse data sources and formats, through its highly configurable parsing and transformation engine. The centralized deployment in NBG ADC (Athens Data Center) offered great economies of scale and at the same time, ownership of the application via NBG Competence Center (T24 CC, located in Bulgaria) a minimum learning period within the NBG SEE subsidiaries

November 18, 2010
Join i-DOCS at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, February 14-17, 2011

Join us at the Mobile World Congress at the Fira de Barcelona displaying cutting-edge products and technology that promises to define the mobile future. Secure your invitation today to find out more on i-DOCS safe and easy to implement Mobile Service applications in Hall 7 at our booth #MM21 between February 14-17, 2011.

If you want hands-on information on how to:

  • ​reduce churn and improve customer experience   

  • exploit an existing customer base and improve customer service   

  • dramatically reduce costs by automating various daily processes   

  • add value to your business through individualized customer communications

  • drive new revenues through communication personalization

​...then come by our booth to meet us, and let's talk about how the i-DOCS product portfolio can meet your specific needs.

The following i-DOCS CCM solutions were specifically designed with telecom operators in mind:​

  • Personalized output management and automated document composition for individualized communications and multichannel delivery that satisfies even the most complicated postpaid and prepaid subscriber needs​

  • Active document storage and management, legal archives and resource optimization that enables global information sharing and can offer Customer Service departments an easy to use WYSIWYG GUI and reprint capabilities

  • Bill redesign capabilities for easy to understand bills and additionally save on customer service related costs on what could be your most important communication channel​

  • Multichannel Campaign Management to enable new revenue opportunities via cross-sell and up-sell of 3rd party products​

  • ExPP portals and online data presentment with interactive features such as dispute management, ad-hoc queries and spending analysis that enhance customer experience and can give you a leg up on the competition​

  • Loyalty system for Telecom Operators to reward your high margin subscribers, reduce churn and exploit Marketing opportunities on social media applications​

  • Mobile services such as OTP via SMS, and event based alerts via email and/or SMS to improve customer service and strengthen customer relations

  • E-Invoicing solutions for outgoing and incoming documents in any format and interoperability across different systems​

  • Production printing management with automatic printing stream creation and co-enveloping capabilities to eliminate data manipulation, to eliminate use of service bureaus and printing houses to significantly reduce costs​

Come by and see for yourself and discover why you too should capitalize on effective and innovative i-DOCS Customer Communications Management (CCM) solutions and reach out to every one of your customers individually!

November 04, 2010
i-DOCS Strengthens Relationships with CRM Vendors and Enlightens Delegates at CRM Expo

At this year’s CRM Expo event in Nürnberg on 12-13 October, the leading trade show for CRM in Europe, participants had a unique advantage. For many organizations, the traditional approach is to visit numerous IT events to learn about products such as CRM, workflow, database, CCM and other software in order to harmonize the different software that make up their enterprise landscape. This can lead to frustration and wasted hours traveling.

i-DOCS customer communication software sought out a more non-traditional approach by exhibiting using this brand new formula: CCM + CRM = TCM (Total Customer Management). How better to illustrate how seamlessly i-DOCS really does integrate with CRM systems and the positive synergies i-DOCS has with its CRM partners. i-DOCS experts both enlightened and impressed passing CxO, IT and other corporation decision makers, who showed a keen interest in the extra functionalities i-DOCS had to offer and how it could maximize their customer communications with definitive results.

i-DOCS’ strength lies in the ability to access virtually any software which accumulates data, like CRM systems, and be able to convert it to easily reuse in various ways to communicate effectively with end-users through multiple channels on paper or digitally.


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October 28, 2010
i-DOCS Breaks Down Barriers at ExPP Summit

i-DOCS recently participated at the successful two day international ExPP summit event between 11-12 October at the Munich Park Hilton, discussing the latest e-invoicing trends. The event drew many Financial and IT decision makers representing a multi-vertical presence from Mexico to Russia all interested in this area. With some 350 delegates, it was clear that the ExPP market was no longer in its infancy.

​Summit participants were already well aware of the benefits of introducing electronic invoicing, such as reduced overhead, increased customer satisfaction and faster time-to-market with solutions like i-DOCS has. The technology was being more sought after than ever. Instead, i-DOCS ExPP experts found summit goers from smaller companies and emerging markets were more concerned about costs of implementation, whereas larger companies and banks expressed reluctance to change from legacy systems which could result in a migration nightmare.

The ease of which an i-DOCS ExPP solution can be implemented, being platform independent, and the i-DOCS competitive pricing structure quickly allayed concerns. And as i-DOCS endorses recent developments and trends as seen at the ExPP Summit, i-DOCS was able to pique interest among many summit participants. We look forward to returning next year when ExPP goes to Barcelona.

October 11, 2010
i-DOCS at the CARTES & IDentification congress on 7 - 9 December, 2010 in Paris

Learn how i-DOCS innovative solutions can increase your cardholder’s or potential cardholder’s satisfaction at your financial institution by visiting us in Hall 4 at the CARTES & Identification congress, being held at the Paris Nord Villipint Exhibition Center on December 7 - 9, 2010.

The CARTES & IDentification Congress annually hosts industry leaders in smart technology and digital security and expects 1,300 delegates, 240 speakers and 20,000 visitors over the three days. It attracts international decision makers from banking, finance, telecom, transportation, government, health and trade sectors and is the platform from which future applications will be developed. Experts from around the world will present the latest advances in secure electronic documents, discuss the potential of SIM cards and mobiles, prepaid cards and multi-applications. The opening conference, “World Card Summit” (free access) on 7 December, is said to be the high point of the event.

September 28, 2010
Less is More at the INFO to DOC Dematerialization Exhibition in Paris

i-DOCS unveils i-Printer - the new virtual printer driver for i-DOCS at the dematerialization show on November 23-24, 2010. Company leaders flocked to the 2-day event to learn how to get out from under their paper based worlds efficiently and safely - and Info to Doc delivered. From electronic workflows and archiving to document output management, visitors were able to peruse over a hundred exhibitors, participate in workshops or get hands-on experience through demonstrations.

​The stir at our own i-DOCS booth to see e-Invoicing, archiving and effective output management tools first hand was telling. It is clear that companies in this current economic climate know they must address dematerialization to remain competitive in their respective field of business.

​In the spirit of doing more with less, i-DOCS effectively showed how easily companies can move towards being paperless. No matter what systems are currently in place, i-DOCS can seamlessly integrate, archive your documents for easy access or output them personalized to your company’ specifications - where and when you need them.

Is your statement ready to compete?

dms expo.png
September 01, 2010
i-DOCS at the Digital Management Solutions (DMS) in Stuttgart, Germany - 26 -28 October 2010

Is your bill in shape to compete? Visit i-DOCS in booth D73 in hall 7, at the DMS Expo in Stuttgart, Germany, 26 - 28 October, 2010, to find out how to complete your enterprise landscape by using i-DOCS for structured and interactive customer communications.

This leading European Enterprise and Document Content Management trade-show features IT-supported solutions which allow for a seamless internal and external electronic flow of company information. The DMS EXPO provides decision-makers opportunities on how to optimize their business by speaking with leading hardware and software vendors covering the following topics:


Enterprise Content Management

Document Management

Web Content Management

Business Process Management

Records Management

Information Life Cycle Management

Output Management

Input Management / Capturing Solutions / Billing & Incoming Mail Processing

Technical Documentation

Product Information Management

Storage Management


The concurrent staging of IT & Business and DMS EXPO will give trade-show visitors additional opportunity to attend two IT events under one roof and to exchange high level information and experiences at the congress.

CRM expo.png
August 01, 2010
i-DOCS at 12th CRM-Expo, Nuremberg, Germany, 12 – 13 October 2010/NürnbergMesse

i-DOCS participates at the CRM-expo, the top event for Customer Relationship Management in Europe since 1999, taking place in Nuremberg, Germany, on the 12th and 13th of October, 2010. ​During this two day congress, decision makers and users from companies can meet with CRM specialists and experts in related fields up close and personal. . Discuss the newest trends, learn how to increase your marketshare or share experiences.

​If you want to empower your CRM system with intelligent customer experience and interactive features; reduce churn and get the most out of your customers' communications; if “Every Customer Counts” in your business, then visit i-DOCS at F10 at the CRMExpo.

The congress is divided into five areas:

  • Technology - Product Innovation Forum   

  • Strategy and Highlights Forum   

  • CRM Best Practice Forum   

  • Service Mobility Security Area   

  • CRM meets DMS Area   

At this expo - the only one of its kind in Germany, visitors will get comprehensive and detailed information on Customer Relationship Management concepts, strategies and trends. To date, no other expo offers such a wide scope of topics and variety of exhibitors on CRM services and Sales Force Management (SFA).

For further information please visit the CRM-Expo official site.

September 28, 2010
Less is More at the INFO to DOC Dematerialization Exhibition in Paris

i-DOCS participates at 6th European EXPP Summit, the European Congress for e-Invoicing and e-Billing (Booth18, Hilton Munich Park Hotel, Munich, Germany, October 11 - 12, 2010).

​Europe’s leading Congress on e-Invoicing & e-Billing will celebrate its sixth anniversary this year. More than 350 e-Invoicing experts and interested parties from about 30 countries will meet in Munich to exchange views about current trends and perspectives. Top-notch speakers will talk about their experiences with e-Invoicing projects over the course of two days.The European EXPP Summit 2010 will reward the participants with an exclusive series of success stories and best practice sessions from numerous industries across Europe.


  • Hear the latest news on market trends, perspectives, standards and initiatives   

  • Success stories telling how the Procure-to-Pay process and the Financial Supply Chain have been improved and how they can help to reduce costs considerably   

  • Focus on the different possibilities for implementing e-Invoicing & e-Billing and for harmonizing legislation in Europe   

The mixture of lectures from experts in the field and professionals with practical experience, as well as podium discussions, roundtables, large exhibition area and especially the focus on Europe will make the European EXPP Summit 2010 a compulsory event for CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, Heads of A/R and A/P, Procurement, Invoice Management and e-Invoicing decision makers from all over Europe.

For further information and to register, see:

To download the agenda for the event, please click here .

100 FREE tickets for end-users

>> From now until September 30th <<


i-DOCS offers FREE tickets for the ExPP Summit to the first 100 respondents. To qualify as a delegate, you must fulfill all of the following criteria:   

  • Have never attended the European EXPP Summit before   

  • Come from organizations that have more than 500 employees   

  • Qualify as a business that would send or receive e-Invoice   

  • Are a CFO, Head of AR/AP Department, Head of E-Business, CIO, Head of Procurement, Head of Billing or Invoice Management   

  • Authority to decide or strongly influence the decision process in favor of an e-Invoicing project   

  • Are not e-Invoicing application and service providers of related solutions   


Please click here to register and enter "invited by i-DOCS" in the text field "comments".

February 15, 2009
i-DOCS provides e-invoices to Globul (Cosmo Bulgaria)

Globul (member of Cosmote Group) chose i-DOCS in order to offer electronic invoicing and time stamping services to its subscribers. This specific procedure allows to stop the issuing – generating of paper invoices for all subscribers that register to the e-invoicing service (paperless subscribers). The paper invoice is replaced with a digital invoice (e-invoice) that includes digital signing using advanced digital certificate and time stamping; both based on the Bulgaria tax regulations. The service is available to all subscribers of Globul’s corporate portal ( Implementing the e-invoices solution, Globul offers an innovative service to its subscribers allowing them to have a legally valid digital folder of all invoices (which are exactly the same as the old fashion paper invoices) and at the same time the company enjoys an immediate Cost Saving of postage costs. For more information please contact

July 15, 2007
EFG Eurolife implements i-DOCS to archive and present statements electronically

EFG Eurolife Insurance chooses i-DOCS e-Statements, integrated with core i-DOCS to archive and present various services and statements electronically, cutting costs and providing ease of use to its customers. The goal was to create personalized information for each customer, per service. As most of the customers own more than one service from the insurance company (car insurance, health insurance, investments insurance, etc.), the process of storing and retrieving hard copy information had become very complex and ineffective.

With i-DOCS e-Statements these processes became much smoother. i-DOCS manipulates raw data from the main databases and composes statements and letters, combined with advanced archiving technologies. From customer perspective, with a simple registration to the e-Statements portal, each one can access his/her personal web archive (per service) in order to retrieve and print, if needed, statements on-the-fly. With i-DOCS, Eurolife had a 35% reduction in IT support costs required to maintain file systems, 30% reduction in the volume of help desk calls and 20% increase in stop-paper requests by their clients.

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