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January 01, 2020

End of Life announcement for i-DOCS Output Management v5

Version 5 of the i-DOCS Output Management platform is reaching the End of Life which is scheduled for 31/12/2020. Customers are encouraged to complete the upgrade of their production systems as soon as possible and in case case before the End of Support.


November 28, 2018

Eurobank chooses PostmatiX cloud software for dispatching email notifications

Banking institutions face the daily challenge of running mass email campaigns solutions that are effective, timely and secure. Eurobank in Greece opted for i-DOCS PostmatiX Cloud software in order to send email notifications to their clients. i-DOCS PostmatiX allows to dispatch up to 1.000.000 messages per day, collect and analyze email data, view real-time statistics and track email notifications results via a user-friendly and configurable Dashboard. Furthermore, i-DOCS PostmatiX automated processes reduce manually-driven operations, as it is compatible with most common systems used by large businesses such as banks and telecommunications companies. To find out more about i-DOCS PostmatiX, click here.

October 08, 2018

Website update: Did you know about i-DOCS professional services?

Did you know that i-DOCS, apart from state-of-the-art software applications, offers a wide range of professional services too? We wanted to make sure that you know all about our services, so we have added a new section on our website (services), where you can find a summary of our most common i-DOCS professional services offerings. In case you need to find out more, feel free to contact us.

September 19, 2018

Vivacom upgraded systems to i-DOCS OM v.7 and achieves better performances

Vivacom, a leading Telecommunications operator in Bulgaria, recently upgraded their i-DOCS Output Management software platform to v. 7. After the successful upgrade, Mr. Canko Ivanov, Project Manager for Vivacom, stated: “It is a pleasure for to me to share the results after the first mass load in Production of the upgraded i-DOCS. The upgraded system performs up to 4.8 times faster in some functionalities. Thank you very much [i-DOCS] for your efforts and cooperation and looking forward working on another successful project together.”

June 25, 2018

Wind Launches HTML Bill solution by i-DOCS

Wind Telecommunications recently launched a brand new service for its subscribers, the HTML Bill, in order for customers to be able to easily access their telecommunications bill directly from their mobile devices. This way customers save both time and effort when trying to access and pay their last bill without needing to log in to their account or download PDF files.

How it works: the subscribers receive an SMS notification on their mobile upon bill issuance. This SMS contains a secure link that leads to their bill which is presented in HTML format instead of the usual PDF. The new bill format is responsive and can be nicely displayed on smartphones without the need to zoom in/out. The new bill is easy to navigate, bill sections can be expanded or collapsed, and functionalities such as a button for fast payment or last bill download are added.

This way customer experience is optimized, as bill viewing and payment is faster and easier than ever before!

January 29, 2018

Alpha Bank renews its cooperation with i-DOCS for one more year

Alpha Bank, proving its long-lasting trust in the quality of services offered by i-DOCS, decided to renew the existing cooperation for one additional year. The bank’s goal to optimize customer experience through i-DOCs platform was met with success, and the two parties will keep working together in order to constantly improve the offered services. Alpha Bank has been using i-DOCs Output Management since 2011, along with the Alerts service (2013) and SegmatiX.

August 09, 2017

Protergia now offers its clients a smart way of managing their electricity consumption through i-DOCS!

Protergia, the largest independent electricity producer in Greece (part of Mytilineos Group of Companies), implemented the i-DOCS Output Management software in order to handle its customer usage data and bills more effectively. Protergia, through the automated data processing offered by i-DOCS, is now able to communicate bills and  usage statistics to its customers through its electronic platform (myProtergia) and physical bills at minimum time, preventing errors and process failures.

June 04, 2017

i-DOCS Output Management implemented at UBB

KBC Group, following the long-lasting cooperation between i-DOCS and the National Bank of Greece, trusted in i-DOCS Output Management solution in order to handle the large volumes of documents of their daily business at United Bulgarian Bank. UBB is the third largest bank in Bulgaria and member of the Belgian banking and insurance group KBC since 2017.

February 28, 2017

i-DOCS launches new strategic partnership with Ericsson Indonesia

Following Ericsson's long-lasting cooperation with i-DOCS in Europe, a new strategic partnership between the two organizations is now launched for the Asia Pacific territory as well. Ericsson and i-DOCS will work closely together on multiple levels in order to serve the business purposes of large telecommunications and other corporations in Indonesia. The first joint project is already scheduled, and more are expected to follow soon.

May 31, 2016

Output Management with Web-Personalizer goes live @ Cyta Hellas

Cyta Hellas needed a complete end-to-end invoicing solution from the generation of invoices to fast and accurate printing and enveloping processes. Flexibility was an absolute prerequisite. The system needed to be able to incorporate ad hoc changes and adapt to any business driver. Cyta selected First Data Hellas, the market leader in Greece for providing data manipulation and printing/enveloping services and i-DOCS, whose complementary innovative services helped realize their goal. Cyta’s Output Management implementation is using Web Personalizer module, for incorporating tailor-made personalized Marketing and Informative messages to end-customers invoices.

March 20, 2016

Announcement of the Release of i-DOCS v. 7

The i-DOCS team are pleased to announce the official release of i-DOCS v. 7. Following its continuous improvements, i-DOCS has had many of its components reworked and new features added. The latest release contains substantial enhancements for performance and compatibility with the latest versions of other operating systems and RDBMSs.

The major change on version 7 is that it is based on the latest JDK 8, Tomcat version 8 (instead of previously used Jboss) and the latest libraries and tools for exporting documents, application logging etc. It is compliant with Redhat 7 / CentOS 7 , Microsoft Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2016.


Benefits of upgrading to v. 7:

  • ​Upgrade to the latest JDK 8

  • Switch from the outdated JBoss application server to Tomcat v8

  • Redesigned monitoring tool

  • Improved scalability, job and task scheduling

  • Support for Oracle 12 database

February 11, 2015

SegmatiX and PostmatiX go live @Vivacom Bulgaria

Vivacom, a leading telecommunications provider in Bulgaria, recently launched new services for its subscribers, including a new website (Vivabill) and electronic statements. For the implementation of these projects, additionally to the existing i-DOCs Output Management software, Vivacom also used i-DOCS SegmatiX and PostmatiX modules in order to achieve better personalized communications, collect and analyze data and  maximize efficiency.

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