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Output Management (or Customer Communication Management) handles documents and data, businesses use to communicate to their customers.

i-DOCS Output Management can format, manage and distribute data generated by practically any enterprise application used today, like banking or insurance information systems, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), retail systems and many others.


It can handle any content complexity or format, businesses may require, to meet individual departmental communication needs. Furthermore, i-DOCS Output Management can reduce overhead by replacing traditional printing with digital output channels such as, eMail, fax and web portals.

i-docs om process

The i-DOCS Output Management solution includes the following components:

  • Data extraction, transformation & load in real-time (to create the bill)

  • Data management, analysis and location intelligence

  • Data hygiene for database accuracy

  • Document composition

  • Electronic document archive

  • Print stream engineering / post processing

  • Mailing compliance database

  • Production printer management

  • eMail Marketing

  • SMS and eMail communication

  • Mobile media based content distribution

  • Social media content distribution

  • Document production reporting

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