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PostmatiX is an email automation solution that allows businesses to dispatch massive numbers of messages, collect and analyze email data, view real-time statistics and track their email campaign results via a user-friendly and configurable Dashboard.

i-docs postmatix dashboard

PostmatiX email server is SMTP compliant. All data are stored locally, and data analytics information may be fed to an RDBMS for further analysis.

Tracking of sent messages includes real-time statistics of messages’ status (i.e. opened, bounced, hard-bounced or deferred), actions on messages over time, information about users’ operating systems and devices and much more. All raw data can be filtered and reports can be created, according to business needs.

PostmatiX is fully integrated with SegmatiX and i-DOCS Output Management software.


Interested to find out more? Contact us today and see your marketing campaigns’ effectiveness rise in no time!

i-docs postmatix stats screen
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