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A printing house faces the complexity of receiving both ready-to-print and unformatted statements as well as documents, and the process from reception to mailing. i-DOCS facilitates these complexities by allowing printing house systems to accept any format, whether printer-ready, or as a simple database file from backoffices. The i-DOCS formatting procedures allow the document to include any kind of general or customized formatting, based on predefined rules.

The printing house will also be able to accept incoming statements formatted in HTML, so that they can be subsequently formatted in PostScript (PS), AFP or PDF, that include all control features printing procedures require.

The following printing modes and features are supported:


  • Duplex

  • Simplex

  • One-Up

  • Two-Up

  • Continuous Feed / Cut Sheets

  • Barcodes

  • Barcode Strings

  • Global Counters

  • OCR Strings

  • Data integrity engine that compares the input with the output

  • Full roll back and continue functionality

  • Automated graphical user interface

  • Grid computing on process level (1 of 10 = 10 of 1)

  • Distributed databases (transparent on-line access to multiple archived DBs)

  • Complete XML architecture with Java implementation


i-DOCS enterprise edition for printing houses is ideally suited for handling thousands of documents and providing the following capabilities:


Storage and Retrieval

Since statements are stored in their final format, printing houses will have the ability to offer a complete e-billing solution on their customer's behalf. Given that the documents are reformattable, they can, if necessary, be returned to the customer to complete the verification and certification procedure.


Intratemporal data consistency

Even if applications and data formats, or even the documents themselves, change over time, the document database will continue to be consistent, searchable and the documents reproduced in their original form without data conversions or application modifications.


Easy Administration

Mapping input documents into XML schemas, as well as the design of the output forms and the definition of the related work flows, can be done by non-technical personnel given a minimum of training on the available tools included in the solution. This way, the printing house customer or the printing house itself, will be able to respond quickly to a frequently changing regulatory or business environment.



i-DOCS facilitates Internal and external auditing mechanisms that require that the customer have access both to recent and older documents, can quickly locate specific documents and do a statistical analysis or other kinds of processing on them,if necessary.


Compliance and legal service support

Locating specific customer statements ad hoc for example, per the legal authorities, can be time consuming and costly. i-DOCS allows easy access, reproduction and even electronic transmission of such documents with minimum effort. The current practice of statement cut-and-paste in order to produce a complete customer statement to be admitted in a court of law as evidence, is yet one more case where i-docs functionality is indispensable.

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