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A new communication channel invented!

SegmatiX is all about creating a personal touch-point with your customers, partners and subscribers: aniticipating their needs and desires through proposing new products, interesting articles, and advertisements based on their habits, profile or transactions.

SegmatiX is a web application allowing non-technical users to create personalized documents and running campaigns, resulting from correlating customer data and relevant content, which can be delivered both electronically and in printed form.

The solution has been tailored to many industries - from financial service providers to telecommunications and utility companies - and designed for businesses that seek to add value to their customer communication. It is available as an end-to-end solution which includes providing content, media-shop related services, composition and dispatching. It comes with its own user registration tool and a web portal named Analytics to collect customers' feedback.


SegmatiX enables you to create personalized documents that can be sent via several channels (electronically or printed). These documents can be broadly classified into two categories:


Marketing documents:

  • Brochures

  • Coupons

  • Direct mails

  • Flyers

  • Newsletters

  • Magazines

  • Product catalogs

Business documents:

  • Contracts

  • Delivery

  • Bank statements

  • Insurance policies

  • Payroll statements

  • Payroll booklets (BSI)

  • Correspondence

Who can use SegmatiX?

  • End-users via SAAS mode ( to view an example of service mode SAAS please visit

  • Service Bureaus to serve their customers (i.e. Inform Lykos)

  • Enterprises for their own communication needs


  • Differentiation in customer communications strategies (i.e. personalization)

  • Tool for Marketing & Sales:

  • Micro-segmentation reaching small or even neglected market segments

  • Supporting the effectiveness of marketing efforts

  • Channel for Up-/Cross-selling

  • Multiple Delivery Channels

  • Analytics portal

  • Available in SAAS and server mode


  • Web Application

  • No need for Indesign, Illustrator or other design solutions

  • Addresses Marketers not "Designing Specialists"

  • Emphasizes personalization

  • Multiple delivery channels

  • Multiple modes

  • High volumes

  • Server mode: independence and data protection

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