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i-DOCS Smart PIN Delivery facilitates intelligent dispatching of PINs, password or code, that a banking, credit card or similar institution needs to send to end-customers (web banking passwords, credit and debit card PINs, portal passwords, etc.) utilizing alternative communication channels.

The service can deliver banking PINs – credit and debit cards, web banking codes or any other kind of code organizations may need to give out to subscribers that require a secure transmission.

Current systems often involve sending PINs and codes in unsecured plain text using costly postal services. Smart PIN Delivery allows customers to trigger delivery of their PIN by themselves (not in plain text) at any time, and easily activate their PIN using the channel of their choice... via SMS, IVR (Interactive Voice Recognition), ATM, POS/ePOS, WEB (email, web banking, e-Statements portal), Phone Banking or branch.


  • Increases security - the complete PIN is not transmitted all at once (unlike PINs that are mailed by post)

  • Reduces cost - since postage, envelopes and other mailing costs are eliminated

  • Improves customer satisfaction - because users can trigger delivery at anytime and anywhere via SMS, IVR or agent and the procedure is simple and easy to use.

  • Fast turnaround - customers can receive their PIN the same day as their application

  • Protects the Environment - since paper, envelopes, ink etc., are no longer required in bulk

i-docs smart pin process

PIN delivery is an operational necessity of banking organizations and credit card issuers to serve cardholders that apply for a new credit/debit card, open an e-banking account or simply need to re-issue a lost PIN or Password.
Typically, most card issuers follow the traditional way of delivery meaning produce the 4digit PIN, print in chemical paper and either send it to the end-customers via postal services or notify them to pick it up from a branch. Apparently, this process implies important defects and inefficiencies such as:

  • Non-secured PIN delivery since it is send to the card holder in plain text

  • Costly postal services to deliver the PIN (regular or registered mail, courier service)

  • Costly paper to print and envelope the PIN

  • Delays in PIN delivery and thus in card usage from the cardholder

  • Costs related to 3rd parties for processing and delivering the PINs

  • Customer frustration since there is no other channel to receive the PIN

Attempting to overcome the above issues, some “innovative” issuers currently rely on their CMS and Personalization vendors to introduce delivery of the PIN via SMS integrated with these systems; however this doesn’t satisfy operational needs such as the fact only a small percentage of end-customers have registered their mobile phone or that PIN is again sent in plain text, hence these efforts do not have the expected returns.
SMART PIN Delivery patented solution of i-DOCS introduces an intelligent combination of Card Carrier (or other document) with information customers receive from alternative channels (IVR, PHONE, ATM, eft/POS, SMS, WEB), to allow dispatching of PIN not in plain text addressing at the same time all above inefficiencies.

SMART PIN Delivery can be implemented based on your specific business drivers, customer tech/web/mobile penetration rates, and infrastructure / system limitations or simply satisfy the need for multichannel communication and value added services via all customer touch-points.

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