Custom Solutions

Electronic Presentment and Payment (ExPP)

i-DOCS Electronic Presentment and Payment (ExPP) solutions provide custom self-service portals where users can view their transactions & charges perform and store their own queries/reports on a data level (calls, recurring or once-off service fees and discounts), manage their accounts, specific groups or departments for multi-contract customers and deliver just the right amount of content to the right person, by creating customized user profiles.

Smart Pin Delivery

i-DOCS Smart PIN Delivery, is a patented solution for intelligent dispatching of Credit and Debit Card PINs, Web Banking codes, portal passwords or Loyalty Card PINs, that can fit in every business case, where PIN/Password is to be delivered through a separated process, while using alternative communication channels.


i-DOCS Alerts is a customized solution that generates either document-related or transaction-related notifications (usually SMS or Email) to end-customers and can serve for example, as a notification that a transaction has been made or inform the user of a possible fraudulent activity.

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