i-DOCS Alerts generates notifications to end-customers and can serve for example, as a notification that a transaction has been made or inform the user of a possible fraudulent activity.


Document-related alerts

are delivered during the document composition, publishing or archiving phase.


Transaction-related alerts

are triggered after each transaction (POS or ATMs) to inform the customer as soon as a transaction has been made or a possible fraudulent transaction. Alerts, are configured to trigger the retrieval of the relevant mobile number from the CRM application or customer profile in real-time for specific transaction types and amounts.

Notification message’s texts are fully configurable and patronizable by the organization. In addition, all notification responses can be captured and updated with the latest delivery status.

OTP via SMS is supported, where the end-user can request an OTP via SMS by using his own “User ID” and “Password”. The solution then creates an event-based or time-based OTP and sends it back as an SMS message with a time limit expiration (if required). Once received by the end user, he/she can then use this OTP to validate the transaction.

More custom solutions

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