Smart Pin Delivery

i-DOCS Smart PIN Delivery can fit in every business case, where PIN/Password is to be delivered through a separated process, while using alternative communication channels. 

PIN delivery is an operational necessity of banking organizations and credit card issuers to serve cardholders that apply for a new credit/debit card, request to open an e-banking account or simply need to re-issue a lost PIN or Password. The most widely used method today is the separate posting of 2 envelopes, the card carrier (containing the plastic card) and the PIN mailer (containing the PIN), respectively.

By introducing i-DOCS Smart PIN Delivery, the PIN is no longer sent to the cardholder in plain text through postal services, but an obfuscated PIN is transmitted via SMS, IVR, ATM or provided by a Call Center Agent and then the cardholder will have to “decode” it. 

The introduction of this solution provides benefits to both the card issuer and the cardholder. It is simple, the card issuer is not required to proceed to any major changes upon the already existing procedures and any cardholder can perform the “decoding” action, which can only be performed by humans. It is fast, since the cardholder can acquire access to his/her PIN immediately upon reception of the card carrier. It is secure, because no PIN is transmitted at all, both the “obfuscated” PIN and the Card Carrier are necessary to decode the PIN and the secret code is always sent, encrypted. It is a significantly lower cost procedure, also offering marketing advantages, since no PIN mailer is required, no internet access is required, all SMS messages are delivered using HTTPS API and may be monitored, archived and processed along with CSRs responses, further enhancing the customer database.

  • The Card Carrier with the plastic card and some instructions that will be used for “composing” the PIN.
  • A Secret Code including the PIN’s digits in random positions. The positions are marked in the card carrier. Thus, possession of the card carrier and the secret code will allow the end customer to retrieve the PIN. Having anyone of these on its own, is totally useless.
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