SegmatiX Campaign Management

Segmatix runs campaigns resulting from correlating customer data and related content, which can be delivered both electronically and in printed form.

SegmatiX supports 3 types of campaigns:

Marketing Campaigns

As a standalone marketing campaign tool, SegmatiX allows marketing users to upload custom recipients’ lists, partition the recipients into segments (by using list’s variables), design the e-mail template for each segment and dispatch the e-mail to its recipients.

Transactional Campaigns

Combined with i-DOCS OM, SegmatiX creates personalized e-mails and SMS for i-DOCS. Transactional Campaigns are like Marketing Campaigns for the segmentation and personalization of the e-mail body or SMS text, except that the variables for the segmentation are exposed from i-DOCS, which is the system that dispatches personalized e-mails or SMS to the appropriate recipients.

Document Campaigns

Combined with i-DOCS OM, SegmatiX uses Document Campaigns to create personalized documents. Segmentation and personalization of the documents’ elements, is based on exposed i-DOCS variables, which is the system that dispatches personalized documents to the recipients. By accompanying i-DOCS OM with SegmatiX, an organization can benefit from:

  • Dynamically redesign of document/transactional templates, reducing time-to-market.
  • Effectively differentiate the document’s layout, images and text per rules created, based on document metadata and variables.
  • Incorporate profile-based priorities in messages.

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