Smart Documents

i-DOCS Smart Documents (or Smart Bill in the context of bills) is an alternative communication channel that enhances customer experience and significantly reduces the operating costs of the organization, as it helps to dramatically reduce the use of printed output.

Instead of using traditional PDF documents, Smart Documents provides a way to provide documents (i.e. a bill or statement etc) on any mobile device (smartphone, tablet) and display it dynamically and interactively, adapting to any screen size, thanks to responsive HTML5 format. 

The process is simple: 


The document (bill, statement, etc) is generated in i-DOCS


The customer automatically receives a notification having a unique secure link to his document


The customer clicks the secure link


The document is displayed on the screen with dynamic fields in responsive and interactive format


The customer can start downloading the document on-the-go or even pay the bill

  • Integration with organization’s portal 
  • Personalization of HTML with configurable banners 
  • Security options for customer data protection (i.e. authentication before accessing the link, use of OTP for accessing account information, etc.).

Smart Documents is fully integrated with

i-DOCS Output Management (OM)

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