June 25, 2018

Wind Launches HTML Bill solution by i-DOCS ​

Wind Telecommunications recently launched a brand new service for its subscribers, the HTML Bill, in order for customers to be able to easily access their telecommunications bill directly from their mobile devices. This way customers save both time and effort when trying to access and pay their last bill without needing to log in to their account or download PDF files.

How it works: the subscribers receive an SMS notification on their mobile upon bill issuance. This SMS contains a secure link that leads to their bill which is presented in HTML format instead of the usual PDF. The new bill format is responsive and can be nicely displayed on smartphones without the need to zoom in/out. The new bill is easy to navigate, bill sections can be expanded or collapsed, and functionalities such as a button for fast payment or last bill download are added.

This way customer experience is optimized, as bill viewing and payment is faster and easier than ever before!

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