Customer may place an Incident request for the i-DOCS Software under support to i-DOCS, in line with the Incident severity classification, as defined in the table below:

Severity Level Status Definition of Severity Classification
1 Critical System inoperative or severely impaired. 

Some or all of the time-Critical business processes supported by the System are not operative or are limited in function causing Customer’s business to be Critically affected

2 Major System partially inoperative.

One of the time-Critical business processes supported by the System is not operative or limited in function causing Customer’s business to be significantly affected

3 Minor System defects that do not impact normal operation

The System is operative with some functions being limited or non-time-Critical functions are inoperative, or the System is operative, with some error causing slight inconvenience. However, the defect has no impact on Customer’s business.

 The severity level of each Incident shall be mutually agreed between Customer’s representative and i-DOCS Support Team upon initial receipt of the Incident request from Customer.

Incidents, associated with the supported System, reported by Customer to i-DOCS shall be handled within timeframes specified in the below Service Level Agreement (SLA) table depending on their severity level:

Maximum Response Time 30 min 1 hour 2 business days
Target Workaround Time 8 hours 2 business days 2 business weeks
Target Final Solution Time 4 business weeks 8 business weeks 20 business weeks or next release
  • A “Work around” is a solution which restores all the defected functionalities.
  • A “Final solution” is a full and permanent remedy of the reported fault and the restoration of the operability, according to Technical Requirements.

When bypass or workaround procedures can be used to restore the System(s) affected, then the Incident is handled according to the next lower-level response times. The above time periods are calculated from the issue of Customer’s written remedy request.

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