Customer Communication Management (CCM) Suite

i-DOCS CCM platform is primarily used in industries such as banking, telecommunications, insurance, health and utilities – both in private and public sector – to generate high-volume transactional documents such as invoices, statements, correspondence, alerts/notifications, and marketing communications which are often highly regulated and require a level of governance, auditing and data security.

The platform consists of products which support the creation, management and distribution of B2C and B2B customer communications to broadcast traditional static (mainly print) output as well as modern dynamic, interactive output (mainly digital channels) for personalized, on-demand communications that support multi-experience distribution, often based on the recipient’s preferences.

All i-DOCS CCM products provide on-premises as well as cloud, hybrid and SaaS deployment options for interactive document generation, batch composition, personalization and distribution to provide relief from the high maintenance costs of legacy and homegrown CCM systems.

CCM Suite

i-DOCS Output Management (OM)

PostmatiX Email Automation

SegmatiX Campaign Management

Smart Documents

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