PostmatiX Email Automation

PostmatiX, is an SMTP-compliant e-mail automation solution that allows organizations to dispatch massive numbers of e-mail messages, collect and analyze e-mail events, view real-time statistics and track their e-mail campaign results via user-friendly and configurable dashboards.

PostmatiX, is fully integrated with SegmatiX and i-DOCS Output Management.

It supports tracking of sent messages including:

Real-time statistics of messages status

The e-mail is successfully delivered from PostmatiX to the recipient’s address.

The e-mail was browsed by the recipient and probably read

The e-mail returned with a temporary error and it might not be delivered; recipient’s inbox is full, e-mail message is too large etc

Hard bounced
The recipient’s mail server permanently rejected the e-mail. (i.e. mistyped e-mail, non-existent destination server, etc).

Mail was unable to be delivered to the sender and has been added to the e-mail queue.

Actions on messages over time

The recipient received the message and opened it in the e-mail client. To capture “open and click events”, PostmatiX, when event publishing is enabled, makes minor changes to the e-mails sent by i-DOCS. To capture open events, PostmatiX adds a 1-pixel by 1-pixel transparent GIF image in each e-mail sent through PostmatiX, which includes a unique file name for each e-mail and is hosted on a server operated by the organization; when the image is downloaded, PostmatiX can report exactly which message was opened and by whom.

The recipient clicked one or more links in the e-mail. To capture “link click events”, PostmatiX replaces e-mails’ links with links to a server operated by the organization. This at once redirects the recipient to his or her intended destination.

Information about users operating systems, devices and others

All e-mail events are collected and can be filtered up to recipient detail while also reports, visualization and dashboards can be created, according to business needs.

By accompanying i-DOCS OM with PostmatiX, an organization can benefit of:

Dedicated SMTP solution for CCM needs.

Detailed fine-grained tracking of e-mail campaigns

Data analytics that may be exported for further analysis

Solution to e-mail delivery problems aiding organization’s effective customer support.

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