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Bringing Our Expertise to Your Business.


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ETL (Extract Transform Load) services


ETL processes build and keep a level of integrity about the data in your systems. i-DOCS application engineers can integrate your data from multiple sources, transform it and load it to your systems for consistent business analysis and distribution to other systems in any format specified (XML, JSON, CSV, PDF, PLAIN ASCII,DATABASE FEEDING). Our experience in handling and cleaning up data from a small-scale to enterprise level can guarantee dramatic improvement in data processing performance, while assuring your data integrity.

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Big Data & Business Analytics

i-DOCS can help you optimize the performance and profitability of your business by taking advantage of data analytics tools in order to analyze vast volumes of customer, business and transactional data quickly and at low cost.You can now analyze to the bone customers’ consumer behavior and get valuable insights that will help you find new approaches to your audience and maximize your communications’ efficiency.

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Customer portal development services

i-DOCS full-stack development team works in collaboration with your marketers to produce exceptional code in order to deliver web applications that are easy to use and offer great user experience to your clients. We can integrate customer portals to many systems, in order to provide functionalities that allow your clients to perform many daily operations unassisted, thus reducing their need to contact your customer support and your operational costs.

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Third Party IS Integration services



i-DOCS Integration Services can help you solve complex integration problems between information systems in your organization by extracting or copying files, loading data warehouses, cleansing and mining data, as well as managing your server data. Save time and money by adopting automated data flows for processes such as uploading mass production documents to customer portals or push them using web services upon customer request, creating APIs between systems and replacing manual operations with automated ones.


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Digital Trust services

In an increasingly digitized world, the importance of securing and trusting the data that your business uses is critical. With i-DOCS Digital Trust services, you can boost your customers’ digital experiences while safeguarding privacy and trust of information by making use of advanced tools such as digital signatures or adding a level of encryption to your communications.

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Mobile application development services  

Build native mobile and web applications across all the major platforms. i-DOCS mobile app development services include business and requirements analysis, development, user experience (UX) testing and graphic design.

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Output Management- Migration services


Are you using a new system but also need to keep your old data in a useable and traceable form? We can help you migrate your output management systems to an i-DOCS platform or other systems quickly, securely, and with minimal downtime. Our Migration Services can transform your data to and from a wide range of both commercial and open-source databases, while optimizing minimum storage requirements via our data deduplication system.


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Cloud Services

i-DOCS delivers end-to-end cloud solutions for businesses and enterprises that wish to reduce their physical infrastructure. We offer a wide range of services to help your business with the migration, scaling, availability and disaster recovery in the cloud. We will help you identify your business needs, consult you on the optimal solution to adopt, draft an action plan and even execute this plan for you.

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Output management -Document Design/Redesign services

Complex document formatting and (re-)design is our area of expertise. i-DOCS uses powerful tools that can support any document-related problems that require non-standard solutions and generate documents based on various rules and conditions. i-DOCS can cover a wide range of mass document (re-)designing services,  from simple documents to utilities or telecommunication companies’ bills and banking financial statements. i-DOCS staff, through their multi-year experience in handling Output Management processes, have the knowledge and skills to create easy-to-read and modern documents.

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Stop-Paper services

Stop-paper services facilitate the transition from paper/print to electronic distribution of documents and help your business reduce operational/mailing costs while enhancing your customers’ digital experience and protecting the environment. Our experienced staff will analyse your business operations and help you identify the optimum ways for digitizing your communications with clients, draft an action plan and bring in the best technology for ultimate user experience.

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